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Why Kona Coffee Is Unique and Several Health Benefits

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Type Of Ground Make My Day Kona Coffees are Here.

Make My Day Coffee Freshness. buy Kona coffee as soon as possible after it’s roasted. Fresh-roasted coffee is essential to a quality cup, so buy your coffee grounds in small amounts (ideally every one to two weeks). Check out our helpful tips on how to store coffee to keep it as fresh and flavorful as possible.

The Rare Make My Day Coffee Types

Its many health benefits

The health benefits of Kona coffee is one of the primary reasons for its uniqueness. Scientists and studies have shown that Kona coffee can improve the all-round health of an individual. It can serve as a good treatment for some known sicknesses.

Research has shown that Kona coffee also reduces an individuals’ exposure to certain diseases. Enhanced cognition, stable heart rate, lightened mood, healthy teeth, etc., are some of the many health benefits of Kona coffee.

With that said, we understand that the price of Kona Coffee is something a lot of people want to know more about. They talk about it in their circles, discussion forums, on and off the internet. To help you understand the science behind the cost of Kona coffee, let us examine whether or not it is expensive.

Is Kona Coffee Really Expensive?

One of the questions many people always ask when they walk into a coffee to get some Kona coffee is the price. While this may appear as a invalid question, it is very important. Therefore, if you have ever found yourself asking: “is Kona coffee costly?” The simple and yet honest answer to this is no, and several factors make it so.

From the information above, you must have understood the origin and what seems like Kona Coffee’s history. Known to be one of the only commercially grown coffee in the United States, Kona Coffee stands out from others. The very complicated but rather impressive history of Kona Coffee makes it very scarce.

Grown commercially on the volcanic slopes of Hualalai and Mauna Loa in Hawaii, this is a coffee type that isn’t found everywhere. While this history of how this beverage is grown contributes mainly to why it appears to be expensive, that’s not all. There is more to this unique coffee blend.

  • Production Cost

From the cultivation to the refining of this coffee, a lot of effort and human resources were engaged. More so, farmers from Hawaii handpick it year in year out. The picking season doesn’t come by often, and only the red cherry is being picked when it does. After this is done, there has to be a separation of the beans through several processes.

Therefore, there are lots of things that are essential to its production and this include the right equipment, but it also requires the relevant human resources. The separation of the beans is essential because that determines the quality of the Kona Coffee. The larger the size of the beans, the higher the quality of the coffee.

It doesn’t stop there; there is more! After the separation process, the beans has to be dried, roasted, and, most importantly, packed. This is very important for us as a store because we ensure that all of these processes are well vetted for quality before they are finalized. With this, you are guaranteed that the end product presented to you is not just of the highest quality, but the best packaging.

  • Scarcity of Kona Coffee

There are several types of coffee globally, and Kona Coffee is just one of them. However, statistics have shown that this type of coffee is only about one percent of the coffee types. So, beyond the high cost of producing this coffee, its availability makes it appears that it is expensive. You may be wondering why this coffee is scarce.

Yes, it hasn’t been this rare for several years, but the industry suffered a significant blow recently that affected its availability. The Coffee Cherry Borer infestation affected several Kona Coffee farms. We are just some out of the very few that have banded together to keep the industry running and ensure that we provide you with Kona Coffee that is of the highest quality.

While it is normal for you to worry about the price, let’s quickly run you through how we arrive at our pricing here. Before you order coffee at our store, you will have a variety of options to pick from anytime.

If there is one thing our customers love about us, it is our high customer service and prompt delivery. Just like you, we don’t joke with quality. It is the hallmark of our business. That is why many people trust us to deliver the best coffee.

The Health Benefits of Kona Coffee

If you have ever considered buying a tablespoon, two tablespoons, or cup of Kona Coffee, you are doing so because you have considered the many benefits of taking it. If, however, you are not well-informed about this coffee type and why you should pay for it, let us run you through some of the amazing benefits of this coffee type.

  •  It enhances your mind

Taking coffee has proven to be very helpful in keeping your mind healthy. However, with Kona Coffee, there is an extra push. It improves cognitive ability and can reduce your chances of being exposed to significant diseases linked to cognitive decline like dementia. With Kona Coffee, you can keep your mind and your brain healthy at all times.

This will, in turn, help to improve your productivity daily. Studies show that individuals who take Kona Coffee are more productive in schools and at the workplace than those who don’t. There is, however, a caveat to this, and that is to watch your intake of it because when not controlled, it can have its side effects.

  • It helps protect the heart from diseases

Several medical heart diseases are being suffered by many people in the United States and other countries. Heart diseases can be very complicated to treat and have resulted in the death of many individuals. It will interest you to know that you can reduce the risk of you being exposed to these heart diseases by taking Kona Coffee.

Moderate consumption of this coffee type has proven to be effective because of its high composition of antioxidants. There is also a composition in Kona Coffee that is said to improve the body’s cardio and prevent cardiovascular diseases.

  •  It improves liver condition

Cirrhosis is a very complex liver condition and its sufferers usually have a low survival rate. A study once showed that coffee could reduce your exposure to this liver condition and other liver diseases. According to scientific research, there is a direct link between coffee and liver enzymes.

Based on this research, many experts have opined that a moderate intake of coffee can improve liver enzymes and the liver’s overall functioning. Many victims of certain liver conditions were presented with moderate coffee consumption, and there was an improvement in their condition for a specified period.

  •  It prevents tooth decay

Tooth decay or cavities are some tooth challenges that comes with a certain age bracket. You can limit your exposure to these tooth challenges with Kona coffee. According to recent studies, those who consume Kona Coffee moderately are less likely to have tooth decay than those who do not take it at all.

Science shows that this coffee type’s active ingredient not only prevents tooth decay, but it also prevents other tooth diseases and promotes fresh breath. Because of the effect coffee has on the tooth, it has become the favorite beverage of many across the globe.

  • It reduces depression

Have you ever wondered if Kona coffee could help relief depression? While there is no direct scientific link between coffee intake and depression, studies have shown that coffee contains ingredients that enhance mood control.

Being able to control changing moods has helped several people lower depression. The caffeine composition of coffee is a mood lightener, and the more coffee you take in the right proportion per time, the higher the chance you stand of not falling into depression.

  • It helps prevent or curb some cancers

Prostate cancer is one of the many cancers that plague men. Studies have shown that men who take Kona coffee are less likely to experience this type of cancer. Women, on the other hand, tend to be at risk of endometrial cancer.

A study conducted by the Harvard School of Public Health shows that coffee consumption can reduce this cancer type in women. Other cancers that can be curbed by coffee include breast, colon, and liver cancers. Certain tumors caused by inflammation can also be reduced with coffee intake due to the phytochemicals in it.

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